Select the courses you and your staff need and call, or email a list to PTS.  PTS will then send the requested courses along with the corresponding test booklets.


SIDS-Shaken Baby Syndrome-Early Brain Development---3hrs
Pre-Service Training (First 8 listed below.)---8hrs
Developmental Stages of Childres---1hr
Positive Discipline & Child Guidance---1hr
Safety Practices in the Care of Children---1hr
Supervision Practices-"Never Lose a Child"---1hr
Age Appropriate Activities for Children---1hr
Building Positive Self-Esteem---1hr
Positive Interaction with Children---1hr
Preventing the Spread of Communicable Diseases---1hr
Dealing with Bullies---1hr
Gangs---Know your area---1hr
Child Abuse and Neglect---10 hrs
Food Safety in Child Care Centers---1hr
Preventing Food Poisoning---1hr
Nutrition-Eating your way to better health---1hr
Universal Precautions Infection Control & Hand Washing---1hr
Defensive Driving for Van & Bus Drivers---1hr
Driven to Distraction--1hr
Swimming Pool Safety---1hr
Health & Safety Check List (May be used as Management hrs)---10
Fire Safety---1hr
Back Safety---1hr
Dealing with Stress---1hr
Understanding & Dealing with Depression---1hr
Cognitive Development and Learning---1hr
Early Brain Development-What Parents & Caregivers need to know---1hr
Child Development-Birth to 3 years---1hr
Child Development-3 to 6 years---1hr
Child Development-6 to 9 years---1hr
Child development-9 to 12 years---1hr
Caring for Children with HIV---1hr
Caring for Mildly Ill Children---1hr
Cleaning Objecta & Surfaces---1hr
Caring for Children with Learning Disabilities---2hrs
How to Detect Learning Disabilities---1hr
Talking to Children and Adults about Terrorism---1hr

MANAGEMENT COURSES--See Management Courses Page


CPR-First Aid-$45.00

Pre-Service Training--$25.00

SIDS-Shaken Baby-Early Brain Development--$10.00

Continuing Education-8hrs-$25.00
Continuing Education-10hrs-$30.00

Management Hours- Same as Continuing Education

If you do not need 8 or more hours of either Continuing Ed. or Management classes, the cost will be $5.00 per CEU hour.

Vision & Hearing Screening-$15.00

All prices are based on a per-person basis

Students will receive certifications and cards upon payment in full.  PTS accept checks, money orders, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.


*PTS now offers Vission and Hearing Screaning for your children.
*You are now able to take half of your continuing education via correspondence.